Liverpool Catholic Club Stage 2

Liverpool , Sydney

Stage 2 of this aspiring project sees the creation of a new food and beverage precinct ‘The Laneway’. Comprising of a contemporary café, lounge spaces and gelateria. The design includes intimate seating areas, custom designed carpet and modern furniture items.  A new French art nouveau styled bistro is part of the scheme, the Huxton Brasserie. This skilfully created space is characterized by warm lighting, organic lines and materials reminiscent of the European architectural movement in combination with a French bistro atmosphere.   

We invited Altis to pitch for the work. They’re an experienced part of the clubs industry and we’ve been very impressed with their work. I’m hard to please but I’ve been very impressed with the level of finish here, which is a testament to the work of the builder, Kane, and Altis….

People often remark: ‘Who thought of all this?. The truth is, it’s been a team effort. It’s a combination of the club making it our business to know what our members really want and then having an architect and a builder who can make it a reality….

John Turnbull – CEO Liverpool Catholic Club
Project Overview