Altis creates unique hospitality, club and living destinations that communities embrace

We elevate the status of places

All places have the potential to become thriving destinations, and we have the experience, drive and talent to make it happen. From clubs, hospitality venues, and living developments to retail precincts and theatre spaces, we help to revitalise and transform your business into a place that is sought after and profitable.

Our architecture serves not only the practical requirements of the brief, but assumes a responsibility to the wider community - a balance between restraint and indulgence, candor and artistic expression. Our concepts embed layers of richness and complexity that come from embracing the environmental opportunities of the site and connecting to the surrounding landscape, fused with a love of beautifully executed details and craftsmanship. This means that we are able to create a unique design solution for each project. Our architecture is functional, rational and rigorous whilst maintaining a feeling of elegance and a sense of delight.

We take the opportunity to transform environments and elevate them to ones that enthuse, creating positive outcomes for businesses and communities alike.

Vibrant places

Our work is driven by a deep humanity and a unique ability to combine both architecture and interiors to create gathering places that people love, and where businesses thrive. We are proud of the long-term success that our clients achieve, both socially and financially.

We encourage an emotional and personal connection to materialise by creating memorable, vibrant spaces, and communities are often proud of ‘their’ new venues. Through thoughtful design and space planning we make places relevant. We encourage families, couples and singles, young and old feel to feel drawn to place they can enjoy, celebrate and share with others.

Profitable places

Part of our solution for your project is to set profitability as a priority, and intertwine this into our design brief. Business outcomes are achieved through tried and tested design strategy, careful space planning and aesthetics. We seek to understand your business and your objectives within the unique context of your project. We formulate a tailored solution which incorporates business success and longevity of the build. Altis Architecture has the experience and the knowledge to create spaces that work. Our understanding is not experimental, it is deliberate and supported by years of successful project outcomes.

The guiding principles at the heart of everything we do

We value people, community engagement, creativity and outcomes. Our work is motivated by a deep humanity and a unique ability to combine architecture, interiors and business strategy to create gathering places that people love, and where businesses thrive. With over 30 years of specialised experience, we are proud of the long term success for our clients both socially and financially.

Enabling Growth

Included in our planning and strategy phases, and during our research and brief development, we will always have short and long-term growth potential factored into your scheme.

Holistic Integration

Our holistic approach encompasses full amalgamation of disciplines Architecture, Interior Design and trusted consultants and utilises collective knowledge and cutting edge communication, technical tools and software systems.



Tailored Approach

Each project we create is uniquely designed to suit a client’s specific brief and the context within which it resides. Our work rests on an understanding that design, as a process, does not start and end at the surface of a building, but is fundamentally related to site and context, function and purpose.

Creating Impact

Our work is recognised through awards and through clients who return to us with their next project. We enjoy building these relationships and actively seek to collaborate with clients who share our passion for beautiful, functional and impactful buildings.

“Altis Architecture have transformed the landscape of Hospitality and Club design, innovating for the future and shaping business success.” Rolfe Latimer