Dee Why RSL Club

Dee Why, Sydney

Back in 1999, Dee Why RSL approached us to investigate opportunities for their significant landholdings. The original design inspiration was to offer club members a quality experience, unlike anything else in the surrounding area, with a focus deeply centred around the RSL membership and history of the club community. As a result we created a staged masterplan for organic growth which included a new club, hotel and aged care services. Almost twenty years later we’re proud to have worked alongside Dee Why RSL through the staged journey of transformation, taking this once small club and turning it into one of the most successful club communities in Sydney.

Located on Sydney’s northern beaches, with considerable competition from nearby beachside restaurants, the design focus for Dee Why RSL has always been to provide members a unique, high quality experience, placing the club at the forefront of the industry. Our first project with the club almost doubled the size of the main trading floor with a new restaurant, bar, lounge, increased gaming floor and AMF bowling. Over the years we have completed three major projects, with numerous minor projects in between – always with the masterplan in sight.

Every stage has been successful and resulted in a significant increase in club membership. We are currently engaged in the design phase of stage five, which promises to be the most exciting yet. Stage five will see the construction of an underground carpark, two new restaurants, a new cocktail bar and lounge, a new courtyard bar and lounge and a refurbished pub venue.

We are delighted to see the opening of our industry leading Sports Bar-The Battery House. The contemporary design has resulted in a bar which perfectly fills the gap of a hospitality venue such as this on the Northern beaches. The key to the success has been the mutual respect shared by Dee Why RSL and the Architect. They take time to understand the client’s collective objectives...The brief, based on the ambient feel of the space and focusing specifically on the holistic customer experience has not only been met, but surpassed...The ultimate feedback comes from our customers - and put simply, they just love it! Since the first date of opening they have literally been lined up at the entry to get in. It has brought a whole new demographic to the Club and optimistic revenue targets have been blown away.

Grant Easterby - CEO Dee Why RSL
Project Overview